We’ve loved working with Click Therapy in co-creating their second book SURVIVING LOCKDOWN. The colourful book is a powerful combination of photography and heartfelt writing about life during the lockdowns of 2020/21.

The book contains moving, sometimes funny stories and naturally lend themselves to monologues and performance.


How the book began

Wisbech community members were working with Click Therapy, taking photographs that reflected their personal lives and situations during the pandemic. Talking with Jenna and Steve about the difficulties of meeting during lockdowns, we suggested trying some creative writing – a new development for them.

The writing began in a short series of lunchtime online workshops with writer Bel Greenwood acting as facilitator. Community writers shared their personal contributions, and with Belona’s support formed creative documentary pieces.

Creative Activities with toddlers

SURVIVING LOCKDOWN is an honest snapshot of people’s lives during one of the most difficult periods of recent history. How they coped. Thier fears, worries and their successes.

Founder of CLICK Therapy, Steve Hubbard said: “The creative writing aspect was new to us all, a photograph can speak a 1000 words, but a blank sheet is filled with the silent voices within you”.

Creative Agent Colin began to feel that the writing would be served well by some theatrical attention. It was lucky then that he was talking to three young people in Fenland who were beginning to explore the idea of setting up a theatre company.

AlternateOrbit Theatre

Community performers Jodie Hicks, Christopher Crowther & Glen O’Gorman met each other during their teenage years with 20Twenty Productions. They were interested in establishing a theatre company in Fenland . Colin felt their energy and age would offer some interesting adaptation to the Surviving Lockdown content.

In just 3 short rehearsals the team brought a staged rehearsed reading at The Oasis Centre in Wisbech on Friday 22nd October. It was received with great enthusiasm and thanks to a Community Connector’s links to the local Libraries the show was presented at Wisbech Library and March Library.

Many will connect with the themes of loss, isolation, mental health and community support. There is emotional content but it is suitable for a family audience (12+ yrs).

Image reads: “The Lockdown has made me aware of how selfish people can become. Selfish people were buying everything up and not thinking of the elderly and vulnerable…”

Take a look at some highlights of the show or watch the full performance at the end of the page:

Highlights from the performance at the Oasis Centre in Wisbech

Bel Greenwood – Facilitator

Belona is a former journalist and an experienced co-writer with community groups. She has been helping many groups find and develop their voice through writing and is also the lead facilitator of the Fenscapers who produce the Leaping the Landscape blog.

We have all been through so many different emotions and experiences over the last year. Isn’t it time to hope that we can move on? Here’s hoping…

Grab a cuppa and watch the full performance of SURVIVING LOCKDOWN here:

Subtitled by Stagetext

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Work with us as a Freelance Producer

MarketPlace Freelance Producer

Contract: Freelance, fixed term.

Timescale: May to September 2021

Project fee: £5,400 (equivalent of £180 per day for 30 days)

Location: We envisage a combination of remote online working and, government restrictions-permitting, delivery in locations in Fenland and the Forest Heath area of West Suffolk.

Deadline: Please apply by 10am, Friday 9 April 2021.

The Project

We have commissioned Dance Theatre Company Casson & Friends for a community engagement and audience development project as part of our programme for 2021.

Originally scheduled for 2020, this project was postponed due to Covid-19. As a result, we have an opportunity to learn from the ways Casson & Friends have developed their work in response to the pandemic, and produce a participatory choreography and dance project with local communities in Fenland and the Forest Heath area of West Suffolk. 

The Producer will work with the MarketPlace team and Casson & Friends to manage the following planning and delivery schedule phases:

1) Planning – logistics, creative planning, engaging community members and artists

2) Creation – the activity itself, practical engagement with the community, live performance and filming

3) Post-Production – premiere and promotion of any filmed elements, follow up activity, signposting and evaluation

Interested? To find out more download the full brief here.