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News, views and posts from our team, communities, artists and creative practitioners sharing their experiences of working creatively with one another.

A photo of Rob Drummer

Meet our new Programme Director, Rob Drummer

February 2024

Introducing our new Programme Director, Rob Drummer! Read on to find out more about him and what he brings to the MarketPlace team.

Get on the Mural

January 2024

The Get on the Mural project celebrates the people and stories of St John’s estate in Mildenhall.

Let’s Imagine a Dragon!

December 2023

‘Let’s Imagine a Dragon!’ was set up as a Creative Consultation in preparation for St George’s Festival 2024

Writer Belona Greenwood introduces Voices of Forest and Fen

October 2023

Hear from writer Belona Greenwood as she discusses our newest creative writing project, 'Voices of Forest and Fen', where she will be guiding participants in a series of six workshops.

Let’s Thrift Again

October 2023

Culture, sustainability and style. A weekend of provoking performances and sustainable hands-on fun at the Festival of Thrift.

Teen Chill and MarketPlace Celebrate as mural is displayed in Newmarket

October 2023

We joined the young artists and their families to celebrate the installation of the co-created mural, which was designed as part of the 'Newmarket in Colour' project which took place over the summer.

Newmarket in Colour Mural

September 2023

We collaborated with Teen Chill youth club in Newmarket to create a striking mural designed by the young people which is featured in the 'Newmarket in Colour' initiative.

ACTS OF HOPE Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

September 2023

We visited the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival which was buzzing with an impressive mix of street theatre, circus, dance and installations speaking to the theme 'Acts of Hope' against the current backdrop of tough times.

Brandon Country Park performance space opening

September 2023

We celebrated the opening of the new performance space at Brandon Country Park in style; with live music, poetry, storytelling and singing.

National Play Day

August 2023

We put together an innovative activity for National Playday in Wisbech, pushing the boundaries of traditional cross stitching.

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