We are an Action Research arts project, part of the national Creative People and Places programme, which is about more people choosing and taking part in the creativity and culture available on their doorstep. The programme is initiated and funded by Arts Council England through the National Lottery.

Our work explores what it means to be a creative community in a unique rural landscape like Fenland and the Forest Heath area of West Suffolk.

Developing strands of work with people across the region we are asking “How are the ARTS seen by our communities? How do seniors, young people, families, businesses and politicians experience them?

We think creativity is a vital part of everyday life. We want more people to have the chance to create and experience high quality and ambitious arts in the places where they live.

Can art, culture and creativity make a difference in the current economic and social climate – especially in the aftermath of two years of a Covid19 Pandemic? We think they can…


See You Soon was a DCMS commissioned project designed to help people cope with the social isolation restrictions in place during the LockDowns of 2020/21.

Have a look through some of the wonderful artwork created during the project.


We are grateful for those community members who have already joined us in exploring these questions. We look forward to meeting more people as we move onwards.

In 2022 the MarketPlace team is determined to continue exploring the nature of creativity with our communities and how the Arts, in the right circumstances, can support and enhance people’s lives.

Find out more about our team on our About Us page.