A special event to launch a new book by Wisbech & Fenland residents. A book that explores everyday life during the pandemic.


Wisbech Oasis Community Centre • St Michael's Avenue, Wisbech PE13 3NR


Friday 22nd October


4pm, 6pm


Family audiences (parental guidance 12+)



Book your seats for an exciting ‘first’ for MarketPlace and Click Therapy.

Following Click’s first book, LOCKDOWN/EASEDOWN, we are proud to support the launch of their second book SURVIVING LOCKDOWN. A beautiful combination of photography and heartfelt writing about life during the lockdowns of 2020/21.

We were so impressed with the writing that naturally lends itself to monolgues and performance. We decided it deserved some theatrical attention. So…

We are working with Alternate Orbit Theatre Co. – Jodie Hicks, Christopher Crowther & Glen O’Gorman – who will bring the words to life in a staged rehearsed reading.


How the book began

Wisbech and Fenland community members were asked to take photographs that reflected their personal lives and situations. Then came the suggestion to try some creative writing – a very new experience for them.

The writers and photographers, all from the Wisbech area, met online in lunchtime sessions. They worked on their personal contributions with writer/editor Belona Greenwood . Belona is a former journalist and an experienced co-writer with community groups, including our Leaping the Landscape project.

SURVIVING LOCKDOWN is an honest snapshot of people’s lives during one of the most difficult periods of recent history.

Founder of CLICK Therapy, Steve Hubbard said: “The creative writing aspect was new to us all, a photograph can speak a 1000 words, but a blank sheet is filled with the silent voices within you”.

Many will connect with the themes of loss, isolation, mental health and community support. There is emotional content but it is suitable for a family audience (10+ yrs).

Join us for a unique event with the opportunity to meet the writers and the performers. And, of course, a chance to share your own experiences.

We have all been through so many different emotions and experiences over the last year. Isn’t it time to hope that we can move on? Here’s hoping…

Book your seats using this link