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Case Studies and insights into the way we like to work. With people and the communities they live in. You’ll also find articles from the National Creative People and Places Network which gives you an insight into the learning from other projects around the country.

This video is a three chapter story about our approach that explains a little more about our approach and why we want to continue listening to the people of the region, building confidence and creating…

Image reads "Case Study: Writing the Landscape". In the background is a photograph if an evening sky with the silhouettes of trees in Fenland.

Evaluation Case Study: Writing the Landscape

April 2021

In this case study, we look at our evaluation from the Writing the Landscape project, which explores our connection with the landscape and environment during lockdown.

Image reads "Case Study: Creative Collective and Mantelpiece". In the background is an image of a mantelpiece with objects on the shelf.

Evaluation Case Study: Creative Collective and Mantelpiece

April 2021

We look at the meanings we attach to objects and involving the Creative Collective in the Mantelpiece project.

Image reads "Case Study: Tea and Tasters and Going Digital". In the background is a photo from a workshop in 2019 of a table with a cup of tea and magazines and pens scattered around.

Evaluation Case Study: Tea and Tasters and Going Digital

April 2021

In this case study, we look at how we moved creative Art Journaling workshops online in response to Covid-19 with The Barleycorn Cafe in Mildenhall.

Image reads "Case Study: Art in the Fens". In the background is a screenshot of two craft workshops sessions by Kaitlin Ferguson.

Evaluation Case Study: Art in the Fens

April 2021

In this case study, we look at environmental artist Kaitlin Ferguson's project Art in the Fens, a short series of 'make along' videos to inspire creative connections with the landscape around us.

Image reads "Case Study: Young Producers Programme". In the background is a screenshot of a Zoom call with one of the producers holding up a sign that says "My big life".

Evaluation Case Study: Young Producers Programme

In this case study we're looking at the 20Twenty Productions Young Producers Programme which supported two young artists to develop their skills as creative producers.

Image reads "Case Study: New Skills and New Ways of Working".

Evaluation Case Study: New Skills for New Ways of Working

March 2021

We look at the team’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns in 2020.

Image reads "Case Study: Brandon Creative Hub". In the background is a photograph of the virtual exhibition space with colourful paintings in the forefront.

Evaluation Case Study: Brandon Gallery Hub

The Brandon Arts Society celebrated their 40th Anniversary as a group in 2020. When their celebratory exhibition plans had to be cancelled, we commissioned digital artist Lee Mason to work with them to create a virtual gallery experience.

Creative People & Places Lockdown Learning: Case Studies

November 2020

This new series of case studies reflects on the impact of lockdown on communities and the ways CPP projects adapted to work with them.

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