More Than Music with Leanne Moden, Matt Cooper and Louise Eatock

Poet, Leanne Moden and musicians Matt Cooper and Louise Eatock explored ideas of connection through music memories, music-making and the written word.



Commissioned as part of our Creative Conversations in Isolation programme.

In a time of people feeling disconnected, Leanne, Matt and Louise wanted to connect people through their passion for music. They offered free online workshops for an evening to talk about live music, concerts, celebrations and the communities we build around our favourite music venues.

Through writing and music-making exercises, the groups shared memories about the ways music has been an integral part of their lives, inspiring them to become musicians or being a part of their everyday experiences.

The conversation continues on the More Than Music Facebook public group. Please feel free to join – we’d love to hear your stories and musical memories.

A a result of the sessions, Leanne and Matt wanted to create a collaborative audio piece that would encapsulate those memories, sounds, words and phrases shared throughout the workshops. Leanne, a poet, wrote a participatory poem and Matt, a musician, created a musical soundscape.

Listen to the finished audio piece below.

Read Leanne’s poem here

‘More Than Music’ by Leanne Moden (26.3 KB)