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Creative Conversations in Isolation

Our micro-commissions programme in response to Covid-19

September 2020

In response to Covid-19, we considered how we could support artists, creative practitioners and the communities in our area. We know how important creativity can be, especially in difficult times. It was also vital to try and support artists to continue working.

We decided that rather than a small number of larger commissions, we wanted to use our limited funds to support as many artists and creative practitioners as possible with micro-commissions and connect them to our communities.

We invited artists to apply with an INKLING –  the very start of an idea that needs development, and CONNECT – where a small project may be ready to try.  We had a great response and we’ve had the chance to meet and work with artists and lay the foundations for ideas to develop over time. Our aim was and is to be flexible and be able to reflect the constant changes we are all facing.

As a result of our artist call-out at the beginning of April, we commissioned 20 artists and creative practitioners to strike up ‘Creative Conversations in Isolation’ with communities across the region to co-create and collaborate. 

We hope these creative projects are a chance to find moments of connection, encouraging people to connect with their own creativity and with each other. You can see some of the projects in the Projects section of the website. As the other projects develop, we’ll be sharing their progress on our social media and here on the website.

The artists taking part are:

Emily Godden

Richard Savage

Leanne Moden and Matt Cooper

DMJ Imagery (David Johnson)

Lee Mason

Patrick Lynch (Lyngo Theatre)

Louise Eatock

Stuart Mullins

Marion Leeper

Lorena Hodgeson

Tim Mann

Hilary Cox Condron

Regina Ray

Melanie and Holly (Art at Work)

Kaitlin Ferguson

Michelle Brace

Click Therapy CIC

Genevieve Rudd

Bel Greenwood