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Speaking Tubes with Emily Godden

Creative technologist, Emily Godden wanted to explore the idea of connection through digital technology.

As part of our Creative Conversations in Isolation programme, we commissioned creative technologist, Emily Godden to test her idea of using technology to connect people. She was inspired by the speaking tubes at Ickworth House. Similar to an intercom, speaking tubes allowed people on different floors of the house to communicate with each other. 

Emily developed the idea by creating a gadget connected to a phone number and we asked people to tell us their #LockdownGuiltyPleasure’ – what got you through lockdown?

Emily worked with Brandon Creative Forum and set things up at The Hare Salon in Brandon. Customers and visitors at the salon were asked the question and sent their answers to the phone number. The answers showed on a scrolling text display. Here’s how it turned out…

Jill from Brandon Creative Forum and Emily with her light box at the The Hare Salon with owner, Craig.

Over the few days Speaking Tubes ran, we had over 50 responses from visitors to The Hare Salon and on social media.

The project got people thinking and talking about their lockdown experiences, good and bad. Something that really came across was the importance of small moments, little things that were noticed and appreciated more than ever.

What was your #LockdownGuiltyPleasure?

Neelie – “Have to admit food has been mine. Went on to 4 meals
a day and as soon as I had finished one meal was thinking about the next.”

Lorna – “the days we had shopping delivered have become very exciting”

Desiree – “Jane Austen adaptations of persuasion, discovered the 1940 version of pride and prejudice, Indian styled bride and prejudice. Meditation, yoga, going for walks, reading my sons’ book Skyward, singing and dancing around the house”

Hayley – “Wine, mostly.”

Lorna – “well I didn’t mention the cocktails but yeah, we’ve learned some new ones”

Siobhan – “I read a great book called belleweather rhapsody by Kate Racculia”

Desiree – “German cake. It is Zwetschgen – plum season”

Ali – “Gherkins and Cadbury Wholenut!”

Anna – “Working with some amazing people! Rediscovering our beautiful local parks & green spaces and a more local community feel – feel blessed”

Louise – “G&T”

Nigel – “Eating 5 meals a day!”

Tim – “A larger glass!”

Alice – “My cat Jeeves, I adopted him at the start of lockdown and now I can’t imagine my life without him now!”

Lorna – “I have to say telly has been a big one – 2 seasons of The Rockford Files and watching Dr Who from the ninth to twelfth doctors has been ace!”

Leanne – “Books, finally learning to cook curry from scratch, and buying a new bicycle!”

The Fens Mag – “The hope that lockdown will end soon!”

Emily – “Puppies!”

Roger – “Gardening”

Sophie – “Being in my garden”

Jack – “Home improvements and games”

Patrick – “Fish and chips…and curry sauce”

Regina – “Reading old favourite books (again!)”

Claire – “Fancy Dress Quiz nights with the family and all the beach walks”

Geniveve – “I have to agree with Jack – DIYing, painting, upcycling and having a good clear out has been cathartic!”

Dom – “Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons… at least a bag a week”

Holly – “Trying out new arty activities and making/eating lemon drizzle cake”

Julie – “Good people”