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Social Distancing and the March Can’t Sing Choir

We supported professional singer and music leader, Sally Rose, to meet with members of the March Can't Sing Choir for a socially distanced sing-along.

Covid19 restrictions meant the March Can’t Sing Choir weren’t able to meet and sing together. Sally Rose, singer and music leader wanted to find ways of overcoming social isolation so the group could sing together again.

Following National Guidelines and with limited group numbers, Sally and the choir committee set up the Trinity Church Memorial Rose Garden for a socially distanced sing-along and choir rehearsal.

The positive effects of singing on mental health is a major focus for the choir and it was obvious that the singers were thrilled to be seeing each other and singing once again.

The group are still in touch with one another and Sally discovered that small groups of 6 were actually a very positive way of singing together in a different way.

Image reads "Featured on #ArtOfCovidChat podcast series. Click here to listen."

Listen to Sally’s podcast episode from the series #ArtOfCovidChat here where she discusses the challenges and triumphs through lockdown with artist Michelle Brace.