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Chapter in our Lives by Regina Ray

We commissioned photographer Regina Ray, to create a portfolio of portraits and interviews of key workers in the market town of Newmarket, during the period of Lockdown in 2020.

As part of our Creative Conversations in Isolation commissions programme, photographer Regina Ray, was commissioned to make portraits of key workers in Newmarket, during the period of lockdown.

Regina is a medical photographer at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and working during the Pandemic, she was inspired to ask the question:

‘If this was a chapter in your life, what would the bold print be?’

‘The WHY is obvious – because we love stories. We love to tell them and we love to hear them. We are fascinated by other people’s life stories and these stories help us define ourselves. But moreover, in times as unusual as these, when no one has prior experience, the sum of collective experiences will contribute to knowledge wealth and potentially makes us much more adaptive and prepared in the future. Storytelling is a way of collective learning and my aim is by telling individual stories to contribute to the collective survival knowledge base.’ Regina Ray.

Regina’s project was exhibited at Babylon Gallery, Ely as part of their All Together Now exhibition which took place in October 2020. Watch a short tour of the exhibition here.

Explore her full gallery here.

See how the project developed on the Chapter in Our Lives Facebook page.