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St George’s Fayre in March

We worked with five community artists and a pair of lost Vikings to make an ArtZone for the popular annual St George’s Fayre in March, Fenland

In April 2019, we worked with 7 artists and the festival committee to create the ArtZone as part of The St George’s Fayre, an annual festival in March town, Fenland.

Watch the video from the day here:

The artists worked together on the year’s theme, Dragons & Vikings, to create fun art activities for all ages to have a go at!

Hilary Cox Condron encouraged families to make and decorate a scale for a 3D Dragon of the future sculpture. Penny Sobr made fun & scary dragon masks with children of all ages. Caitlin Howells created a large dragon egg and families made smaller dragon nests to take home, and Dan Donovan got local people visiting the Fayre painting to create two large murals, one Dragon & one Viking! Everyone enjoyed stories with story teller Chip Colquhoun inspired by Scandinavian Vikings, and the odd dragon too!

Roaming stiltwalking Vikings, trying to find their way back to Norway, entertained the crowds and pointed people towards the ArtZone, handing out our creative passports along the way too.