A creative communities project with the simple aim of inspiring people to write and send positive messages to family, friends and neighbours after a year of uncertainty and social isolation.


April & May 2021


People of all ages who may be experiencing loneliness or isolation

Developed with support from public funding by Arts Council England, we spent March, April and May exploring creative ways to address loneliness and social isolation resulting from the impact of Covid-19.

We threw the obvious title “The Loneliness Project” out the window. After a year of near-constant lockdown we felt it was important to offer people a more positive outlook. What would be a simple accessible way of “easing on down the road” (map)? How could we help people break out of their ‘bubbles’ in a fun, colourful and positive manner?

Creative Agent, Ali Atkins, said: “After not been able to see or touch their families and friends for a year people need a sense of real connection. We thought what better way to make meaningful contacts than with the simple forgotten Art of Writing. In a world of mobile phones, email, text and WhatsApp, how many of us take the time to put a pen to paper?”

The #See You Soon pack of postcards was designed to encourage people to send creative messages and ideas to family members, friends and neighbours.

Working with artists Penny Sobr and Rebecca Osborne we hoped the pack of cards would :

·        Appeal to all ages and backgrounds,

·        inspire and smile-creating, fun and amusing,

·        easy to use

·        welcoming and inviting

We were delighted to discover that for many they were exactly that!

“This is the nicest thing that’s happened to me this year”, “Lovely cards, so cheerful and colourful” were just some of the comments.

We took time to have our now familiar “creative conversations” with a diverse range of contacts who are working with families, seniors, young people and people who are experiencing isolation across Fenland and West Suffolk. We’ve been working with community leaders and other creative practitioners who understand how their localities and neighbourhoods have been affected by the pandemic.

Fellow Creative Agent, Colin Stevens, said: As we’ve talked to people in this  post-lockdown period, it’s apparent that the idea of “loneliness” is more complex than you might imagine due to the fear of the virus and also the consequences of home-schooling, furlough and unemployment, loss of local services and the stress of worrying about the future.



That is what #See You Soon is all about – taking note of that feeling and making a move to do something positive about it. Smile, Reach Out & Say Hello! Our new See You Soon section of the website is coming soon!

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