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Brandon Creative Forum co-created a Platinum Jubilee Lantern Experience with over 22 local community groups and societies designing and making 40 illuminated lanterns



Brandon Creative Forum are thrilled that well known actor Terry Molloy, of The Archers and Dr Who fame, has lent his voice to the town’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

The actor, best known for playing the character of Davros in Dr Who and Mike Tucker in The Archers, has recorded a special version of the Brandon poem “An Evening’s Walk” written by Suffolk poet, George West, in 1860. The audiopoem is a key part of a unique colourful lantern installation along Victoria Avenue which will form the Creative Forum’s Jubilee Lantern Avenue. 

Funded by the Arts Council England’s Let’s Create Jubilee Fund through Suffolk Community Foundation and the Miller Trust Fund, the lanterns were on display from Thursday 2nd – Monday 6th June and the accompanying sound poem can be downloaded from SoundCloud.


MarketPlace: Creative People and Places are supporting the creation of the project and Ali Atkins is delighted for the Brandon Creative Forum team. She said: “The lanterns and the poem are all about Brandon. We knew we needed a voice that could bring the poem to life for people listening to it as they walk along Victoria Avenue. Terry’s recording has done an incredible job and you really do feel as if you are walking along with the poet!”

Forty Brandon lanterns, including designs from over 22 community groups’, were on display in the Victoria Avenue trees from Thursday 2nd – Monday 7th June and the accompanying sound poem can still be downloaded from SoundCloud. The lanterns were enjoyed in daylight and also solar powered for an illuminated photographic journey through Brandon history at dusk.

Jill Blanchard from Brandon Creative Forum said: “It’s incredibly exciting. Victoria Avenue was first created for one of Queen Victoria’s Jubilees. And it was honoured with Chinese style lanterns. So our Lanterns are like an echo of that event. We think people are going to be proud of their contributions to the Platinum Jubilee.”

For more information contact Ali by email

See more photos from the project on Flickr:

Brandon Platinum Jubilee Lanterns