The March Christmas Market is back!


March & Wisbech


Nov 2021 & March 2022


Family & General Public

Fenland District Council approached MarketPlace to help their efforts to bring life back the High Street in March, following the pandemic.

With the aim of supporting shopkeepers and residents alike we created some fun street entertainment activity onto the High Streets of Wisbech and March.

We were delighted to be combining some professional street entertainers from London and Birmingham with our local talent to create a flurry of energy (and a few odd looks!) on the High Street.

Wow in Wisbech

How could we support the local shops to promote their businesses as the post-pandemic world opened up again? In discussions with the team at Fenland District Council it was clear that the shops needed to feel part of something and that Wisbech needed reminding that it is very fortunate to have what many towns do not – a lively array of independent shops ranging from fishing tackle and locksmiths to vinyl records and jewellery.

The shops agreed to participate, each deciding what offers they could promote. Then we brought some street entertainment to let people know there was a Wow! in Wisbech to be found.

The Bendy Balloon sisters visited the town creating smiles and laughter and telling people how marvellous they felt the town was in having their colourful shops. On their second visit to the town they were joined by a stilts walker and a folk trio from Norwich who filled Market Place with lively tunes and supported The Art Station that had arrived in town.

The Art Station is the creation of Wisbech based artist and musician Dan Donovan and was also part of the Back to the High Street project.

March Christmas Market – The Build Up

A major event in the town had not happened for 2 years. Fenland District Council wanted to support the town on a relaunch with a view to stimulating footfall for the local shops.

On Saturday 20th November, MarketPlace spent the day at March Market spreading cheer with Santa‚Äôs ‘ELF and Safety’ Team. Festive tunes were provided by Sally Rose and local artist, Marian Savill invited members of the public to add creative wishes the (now) well known denim Christmas Tree that we commissioned in 2019.

Here’s a little round up video of the day.

The Tree then spent 6 weeks in March Library where Librarians supported the activity, encouraging more people to add their wishes for the local community. Simple but effective.

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