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How To: Download Your Walking Companion

Three simple steps to get you on your way at Brandon Country Park. Follow the instructions and get creative walking with artist Genevieve Rudd.

Brandon Country Park signage.
Environmental artist, Genevieve Rudd sits on a tree stump, surrounded by the lush greens of Brandon Country Park woodland.

Find out about the Walking Companion project here or read below to find out how to download your Walking Companion.

What will I need to take with me?

  • Your smartphone (iPhone or Android) with the ECHOES app downloaded
  • Headphones for a solo walk or a Bluetooth speaker to share with family and friends
  • A pen/ pencil and paper

How long will the walk take?

The walk via the RED ROUTE will take you approximately 60 to 90mins depending on how involved you want to get with your creative activities.

Start the easy process here…

Step 1 – Download the ECHOES app

Click on the link that fits the make of your phone.

Step 2 – Register with the app

Registering your phone number will allow the app to connect to the GPS location on your phone.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll find there is a whole worldwide library of walks to explore. Type Walking Companion: Brandon Country Park in the search bar.

Download the walk so that you can listen more easily offline (signal in Brandon Country Park can be patchy at times!)

Once the walk is on your phone you can make your way to Brandon Country Park (see the map below if you haven’t been before) with a sketchpad and pen/pencil, and get those creative juices flowing!

Step 3 – Enjoy!

Once at Brandon Country Park, look out for the trails map and ECHOES logo by the beginning of the Red Route near the Copper Beech Tea Room. 

Open the Echoes App on your phone, go to Walking Companion: Brandon Country Park, plug in your headphones and as if by magic, standing next to the cafe you’ll hear Genevieve’s voice speaking directly to you.

This particular walk is designed to follow Brandon Country Park’s Red Route around the park, and will take you approximately 60-90mins depending on how involved you want to get with the creative activities.

While the audio segments and trail markers are numbered, you can do them in any order you like, and all at once or one or two each time you visit… whatever works for you!

PLEASE NOTE: The tree canopy at the park is thick in places (as it should be) and this can sometimes interfere with the GPS on your phone. You may find that the automatic version of the walk is not always functioning. So the simple solution is to downloaded the walk at home – purely as a backup. You can click on the activity when you arrive at the corresponding Walking Companion marker on the Red Route.
Brandon Country Park signage.

Don’t forget…

We really hope you’ll enjoy this new audio trail in Brandon Country Park, whether solo or with family or friends. If you enjoy the audio trail and take part in the creative side, please share your sketches, written musings or photos to the Brandon Country Park Facebook or Instagram pages, or tag CPP MarketPlace or West Suffolk Council on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – we’d love to see them!

With thanks to…

Commissioned by MarketPlace: Creative People and Places, the Walking Companion project has been a development project involving Brandon Country Park, West Suffolk Council and Brandon Creative Forum. We are also grateful to the various community groups who trialled the app and helped us to build and customise the activity.

This first Walking Companion is a collaboration between environmental artist Genevieve Rudd and media producer David Johnson of DMJ Imagery, exploring a new user-friendly phone app called ECHOES.

MarketPlace is part of the Creative People and Places programme, initiated and funded by Arts Council England through the National Lottery.

Find out about the Walking Companion project here.

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MarketPlace is part of the Creative People and Places programme, initiated and funded by Arts Council England through the National Lottery.