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Case study: Rivers of Light

We explore the 'Rivers of Light' community lantern parade in Newmarket, Forest Heath, where 600 residents took part as they paraded along The Yellow Brick Road with beautiful handmade lanterns.

September 2023

The ‘Rivers of Light’ Lantern Parade in Newmarket, Forest Heath, was a co-delivered event in partnership with Newmarket Community Arts, Newmarket Community Nature Reserve and Newmarket Town Council.

Residents walked the route of the chalk stream carrying their handmade lanterns before experiencing a finale of local musicians, choirs and dance performances.

Read the full Rivers of Light case study here

(This case study was prepared by We Are Frilly as part of our Phase 3 Year 1 Evaluation Report.)

‘Absolutely brilliant event from start to finish. The parade led by the samba band was awesome, the lanterns and crowd were brilliant, and so was Coventina. Newmarket choir were spot on with a great rendition of the Rivers of Light song‘ – Audience feedback