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Art Journaling

A look back at Art Journaling workshops

August 2020

Just before lockdown earlier this year, we were running a series of Art Journaling workshops with artist Marian Savill and the Meet Up Mondays group at The Barleycorn Cafe in Mildenhall, owned by Shelby Foord.

Of course none of us were expecting everything to change so suddenly and completely, it meant we couldn’t carry on the programme in the way we’d hoped.

This video shows what the workshops meant to two of the participants and it’s both lovely and poignant to look back.

When we knew live workshops couldn’t carry on, we commissioned Marian to make a series of short ‘make along’ videos, showing how people could make their own art journals with simple materials they’d be likely to have at home.

It’s not the same as the group coming together of course, but it did mean more people could enjoy Marian’s creative ideas and techniques.