MarketPlace embraces the unusual and unique rural landscapes of Fenland region of Cambridgeshire and the Forest Heath area of West Suffolk. 

Our aim is always to work WITH communities giving them an equal role at the heart of decision making about the type of arts events they want to see in the places where they live.

As an ‘action research’ project, everything we do is about questioning, reflecting and analysing how the arts are being used, experienced and what effect they have in our region.

Video filmed & edited by Colin Stevens, Creative Agent

Find out more about our evaluation reports as part of that work process.

We work with a Consortium of Partners and the lead partner is Babylon ARTS.

Find out more about Creative People and Places in Fenland and Forest Heath (West Suffolk) from 2022 – 2025 here.

Creative People and Places is about more people taking the lead in shaping, creating and taking part in arts and culture experiences in the places where they live. There are 33 projects across England, each located in a place where people are least likely to engage with arts and culture. The Creative People and Places programme, initiated and funded by Arts Council England through the National Lottery.

We encourage people to contact us with ideas for creative projects and collaborations.

You can take a look at our videos on our YouTube Channel here.

We support the Disability Arts Alliance, We Shall Not Be Removed.

We are taking a positive anti-racist stance and you can read our statement here.

Looking back – a snapshot of what we did in Phase 1 of our project (2015-18)

Infographics by Hilary Cox Condron