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Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Market Place Will Continue Its Work Till 2021
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
Watch Our Film about Newmarket Kite Symphony
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
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Viva La Voce: Singing Workshops For All

Location: Queen Mary Centre, Queens Road, Wisbech, PE13 2PE

Date/s: 29 September - 15 December Time/s: 7pm-9pm, weekly

For everyone who loves singing £36 for 12 sessions, £5 drop-in

Singing! Copyright by Linda Ekins
Singing! copyright by Linda Ekins

On September 29th Wisbech will see the start of a new exciting workshop programme Viva La Voce. Viva La Voce is designed for adults (18+ – 80+) and local to Wisbech and Fenland with a desire to develop their vocal skills and confidence as a performer with a supportive group of like-minded participants. This is for people who might or might not normally engage with the arts, people who want to sing for fun, maybe have their “Diva” moment and be creative, and people who want to make new friends, feel good about themselves and do something a bit different.

*To sign up please email Linda Ekins at linda@leada.biz or drop a message on Viva La Voce Facebook page *


This is an exciting workshop programme where participants will learn to sing together using improvised vocal techniques and become confident enough to perform (a dream held by many who hold back through fear and low self-esteem) They will train together with Linda Ekins, a Professional Singer and Vocal Coach and Conrad, a well-known established Beat Boxer.

The 12 sessions will run weekly on Friday evenings, 7pm-9pm from 29th September – 15th December (except 7 December, which is a Thursday)  at the Queen Mary Centre in Wisbech giving participants the chance to fully develop as performers at a comfortable pace. They will celebrate their success and what they have learned at a public sharing concert with family and friends on 16th December.

During these unique, exciting weekly classes the participants will learn:

  • To Blend with other singers
  • To use Vocal techniques for confidence
  • To Harmonise and sing in parts
  • To Sing together in small and large groups
  • To use Improvised singing techniques which simply means, we make up new music as we go along.
  • To do Beat Boxing with Conrad for one session

The workshops are open to anyone aged 18+, who would like to sing but hold themselves back. Perhaps they think they can’t sing or that others would laugh at them. What most people don’t realise is – THEY CAN SING! – and Linda can get them singing.


  • Whole term, 12 sessions – £36
  • One-off drop in sessions – £5 each


Registration is now open. Advance booking is required. Please contact Linda Ekins at linda@leada.biz to book or call 07523 712633.


Linda Ekins is a local experienced Performer and Teacher of Performing Arts, Acting and Vocal techniques. She lives and works in Wisbech, running LEADA, providing Drama classes and Theatre experiences for children. She works in local schools and provides Living History events at Peckover House. She sings and teaches Vocal techniques and mentors adults from all walks of life, students, teachers and amateur and professional actors and singers. Find out more at Viva La Voce Facebook page and www.leada.biz.


Conrad’s main skills are acting, singing, writing, story-telling, directing beatboxing and rapping. Conrad is one half of theatre company Beats & Elements. He is a founding member of the BAC Beatbox Academy, who have been performing since 2008, and have performed at the Latitude Festival, the royal festival hall, and recently on the BBC with Gareth Malone. He studied at Kingston Uni to get his BA Hons in Drama and at Goldsmiths to get his MA in Performance Making

This project is supported by Market Place development commission fund. 

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