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Sally And The Can't Sing Choir

Dates/s: 24th June
Time/s: 9:45am onwards
For: The Can't Sing Choir
Admission: Free

The Can't Sing Choir and singer and music leader, Sally Rose are used to meeting regularly, unfortunately because of Covid-19 have had their sessions postposed. Following the recent changes to the National Guidelines, Sally went to the local council for a outdoor space for a socially distanced sing-along and choir rehearsal. The council agreed to this in the local Trinity Church Memorial Rose Garden in March.

In partnership with MarketPlace and the March Can’t Sing Choir Committee, Sally will be meeting the choir in groups of 5 throughout the month of July, to keep their voices in tune and also offer a much needed chance to see and hear one another away from their laptops and smartphones.

MarketPlace are delighted to be supporting Sally and the Choir, and have filmed the first event, as it was the first time in 3 months that members of the choir had seen each other. With thanks to the March Can’t Sing Choir Committee who have assisted Sally in organising the event.

Wednesday 24th July 2020


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