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Newmarket Kite Symphony

Time/s: NOON - 6PM
Admission: FREE
Newmarket Kite Symphony

Newmarket Kite Symphony is an arts and sports community project for local residents. Over the course of the last three months, artist R.M. Sánchez-Camus (Marcelo), kite specialist Zachary De Santos together with local Newmarket artist Paula Wilson, have been working with local community members, designing, making and flying specialised kites.

On Saturday, 8 July, the kites will become part of Newmarket Carnival procession followed by hands-on kite-making activities at the Severals, and finally the Newmarket Kite Symphony performance at the Long Hill from 4.15pm. This event is FREE and is suitable for all ages.

Programme of the day

  • noon – Newmarket Carnival. Come and be a part of the Newmarket Kite Symphony float.  We will showcase the kites that were made by local groups. If you came to our Open Days at Palace House don’t forget to look out for the giant kite and tails you painted!
  • 1pm – Kite Design at the Severals. Join us for hands-on kite-making and designing activities, FREE drop-in session led by artist Paula Wilson. All ages are welcome, no previous experience is required.
  • From 4.15pm – Newmarket Kite Symphony performance. Don’t miss the grand finale. We will take to the skies at Long Hill showing amazing pirouettes. Each kite tale is equipped with a sensor that transforms each movement into music sounds. The kites will be managed by Zach and Marcelo together with local residents, who have been practising on Warren Hill every Saturday afternoon learning to do tricks with dual line stunt kites.

To accompany the kite ballet, Jasmin Rodgman, a British-Malaysian composer and multi-instrumentalist,created soundscapes for the kite ballet.

The Newmarket Kite Symphony project has thrown up some wonderful challenges in writing a score that is all at once the accompaniment for kite ballet, a work for the local community of Newmarket and soundscape to inspire the project’s performers as they fly their kites high in the sky. This short clip provides a taster of a free time section allowing the kite performers the space to improvise and freestyle. Musical phrases will be triggered one after the other, as the kites playfully weave in and out of melodies and minimalist rhythms in flight. The sporting history of Newmarket, the expanse of the sea and sky, and movement in dance all play their part as important inspirations whilst writing the Newmarket Kite Symphony! I look forward to seeing the team in action! –Jasmin Rodgman

Don’t miss the Newmarket Kite Symphony on Saturday, 8 July. Follow our progress and get in touch on Twitter @cppmarketplace, @appliedliveart, @sonicportmirror, @paulatheartist with #KiteSymphony.

We are grateful to MiniRings company for providing technical equipment for the Newmarket Kite Symphony. Find out all about the technicalities behind the music making kites in Zach’s blog.

This project is part of Newmarket Music Festival and is brought to you by Market Place in collaboration with Palace House, Newmarket: the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art.

For more information about the project, please contact Ali Atkins at, Creative Agent for Forest Heath.

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