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Artist Call Out - Creative Conversations in Isolation

Location:Fenland and West Suffolk (Forest Heath)
Dates/s: Deadline 20th May
Time/s: 23:59
For: Artists and Creatives
Admission: Free
Artist Call Out - Creative Conversations in Isolation

These are extraordinary times, we’re thinking about different ways we can support artists, creative practitioners and communities in the MarketPlace areas of Fenland and West Suffolk (Forest Heath). 

We’re offering micro commissions for artists and creative practitioners to strike up Creative Conversations with communities in our areas to co-create and collaborate. 

We hope these projects will be a chance to explore a range of activities encouraging creativity and inspiration, finding moments of connection despite being physically isolated from one another. We’re also keen to explore the shape of creative thinking and practice as time moves on and the Covid 19 situation develops.  

Isolation isn’t new. Terms like ‘rural isolation’ and ‘social isolation’ have been used for a long time and are experienced by people in our communities. But now the enforced ‘social distance’ and ‘self-isolation’ and Covid 19 related terminology is, for many, a different way of living.

We’re interested in hearing from artists and creative practitioners who have personal insights and experience of isolation, through disability, geography, ideology, social exclusion with regard to age, race, class, gender and how these might relate to new experiences of isolation through Covid 19. There are personal perspectives, strategies, creative expressions and solutions that can help us all at this time and inform the future. How can artists put their skills, ideas and experience to best use at this time? 

We’d particularly love to hear from artists and creative practitioners living and/or working in, or with existing connections to people and communities in Fenland and the Forest Heath area of West Suffolk.

All proposed activity must be able to be delivered safely within current guidelines and restrictions.



Inkling – take a little time to explore an idea. Apply to us with ‘an inkling’ for a micro commission fee of £250 to work up your idea. Worked-up ideas may be developed further in collaboration with local communities and MarketPlace. 

Connect – you might already have that more ‘worked up’ idea for an activity that could safely engage with our local communities during the Covid 19 crisis. This could take the form of online creative workshop(s), performance, talk, discussion, song, games or… surprise us - we’re open to ideas. Up to £500 per activity.



    ideas that stimulate creativity and connection with and in our communities

    ideas that allow you as a practitioner/artist to explore and test new forms of creativity

    ideas that can adapt to changing circumstances

    ideas that invite an audience to play an active part, this could include involvement in shaping the activity 

    ideas that have the potential for lasting connections with the communities in the areas we work

    ideas that are deliverable within limited financial and practical support available


All applications should be sent to    


We welcome video proposals (up to 2 minutes in length), please send us the URL via email. If you would like to apply in another way, get in touch.


Inkling:  Outline your idea (max.350 words) and tell us how you’d work it up. Keep it brief and don’t work it up to apply, that’s what the commission is for. Include:

    who it might benefit or engage.

    your connection (if you have one) to communities in the areas we work 

    links to your previous work or any reference points for the idea you’re suggesting.

Connect: Outline your idea (max.800 words) and tell us:


    what you want to do 

    how you might do it

    who it would benefit or engage with

    any support that you might need in delivery

    how your budget is worked out

    your connection to communities in the areas we work with

    links to your previous work or any reference points for the idea you’re suggesting.

Our selection process will involve our Creative Collective members (local community representatives who have worked with MarketPlace over time) and members of the MarketPlace team. We’ll assess your application based on the criteria below and our commissioning principles. 

Budgets includes all fees, materials and other expenses.

We will do our best to offer support and help remotely but please bear in mind that we’re unable to offer our usual level of practical support at the moment.

We encourage proposals from people with specific access needs and are happy to work with you to help with both the application process and to realise your idea.


We’ll be accepting proposals on a rolling basis until May 20th, or until all available opportunities have been filled. We’ll be continuing to respond to the needs of our communities during this time and looking to provide ongoing opportunities in the future. 

Please get in touch with us if you want to chat about this callout. Download the brief here.

This is a starting point; and, we hope, the beginning of many creative conversations. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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