The Woollen Town Orchard

The Woollen Town Orchard

Arsh Gill, our Marketing Intern started off the Brandon Ferry Tales Adventures with an interview with Bronwyn Denny. Bronwyn was on the Town Orchard which turned into a cosy woollen fairyland with knitted creatures and flowers hand made by local people. The Town Orchard was where people were exposed to some delicious orchard refreshments on offer, listened to some amazing and amusing stories about Brandon and made a pompom flower. In Bronwyn’s wool crafts workshop, people learned how to create pompoms without being given any instructions. Read below her thoughts about the day. 

I got involved with the Ferry Tales project from being on the forum. I haven’t seen anything like this before. My mind is always full of ideas for example, my side fence in the back garden is decorated with kitchen utensil and  because my back fence is falling down, I have made it into an art installation.

Ferry Tales project was a complete burnout exhaustion! But the construction of the critters was so fascinating. The event has taught me to think creatively and practically. It was not possible to explain the event to people. Therefore I told participants to take the basket full of ideas.  They created pompoms such as Snail with raster fairy which has really stood out to me. There were furry little jokes in them.

What were your most memorable time and participant from the activity?

We made 90 something pompom’s and there were some people who stayed watching for a long time. There was also a lovely elderly man, I call him (Vintage male) sat on the milk crates stool and he made a pompom. I liked the fact that he self-consciously did it. A girl who didn’t like the process eventually, she solved the problem by turning the contraption and self-taught herself to use it.

This particular pompom below was created from a group meeting from various women coming together socially. They tried all sorts and bits of crafting. Once they got the craziness of it, they came to this final outcome. So proud of what they achieved.Bronwyn Denny

Lasting memories of the day?



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