Ricki Outis – Ferry Tales Festoons

Ricki Outis – Ferry Tales Festoons

We bring to you the final week of Brandon Ferry Tales Adventures with an interview with Ricki Outis, who worked with Brandon Arts Society to create beautiful festoons made by local people and inspired by local heritage. These decorated the High Street on the day. Ricki’s Printmaking Workshop at the Riverside Lodge taught participants the basics of printmaking techniques.

How did you get involved within Ferry Tales?

I saw the advert for a community printmaker to lead screen print workshops through a poster on display in Ely.  Because of my love of local history, story and screen printing I was very keen to be involved. My part of the project was to screen print flags for the High St with members of the Brandon Art Society and to run an open access print workshop on the day. We printed shopping bags so that people could a take home reminder of the day. The image on every bag had a custom designed  ‘Ferry Tales’ frame and then each person taking part created their own picture to go in the middle. The idea came about through thinking about how we could both celebrate the event and give a creative opportunity to everyone who printed a bag.

What did you get out of the project?

Built fantastic new relationships with people involved in the project, particularly the hard working and enthusiastic members of the Brandon Art Club. Met so many new people on the day – wonderful how people of all ages took part.

What was your most memorable time?

The final day of printing the flags – it had been such hard work and it was wonderful to see, what everyone had achieved. Looking at the line of screen printed bags at the final workshop, and realising how many people had participated.

Lasting memories of the day?

Other most memorable moment was the when a great gulp of freezing, dirty water splashed out of a pole holder, and down my back when we were hanging the flags!


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