Old Roger, The Guardian Of The Brecklands

Old Roger, The Guardian Of The Brecklands

Brandon Ferry Tales Adventures sails through to another week interviewing Creative Director Chip Colquhounand Managing Director Amy Robinson of Snail Tales. Snail Tales worked with Brandon local Shoestring Theatre Company to provide professional training and direction to create a face-to-face public roleplaying and storytelling for Brandon Ferry Tales. Snail Tails used local historical facts and helped Shoestring Theatre Company to create characters and stories around them. 

Creative Director Snail Tales, Chip Colquhoun said,

It was a delight to work with Shoestring. Working with such a broad range of ages on a single project was an enjoyable challenge. But, in fact, they were so brilliant at picking things up, that we had to design more advanced workshops for them! All the performers did brilliantly, but special mention should go to Kacey, Issy and Amber – three girls who held their own near the orchard. We had great feedback about how they remained in character and shared their stories wonderfully and articulately, and did especially well with smaller children.

How did you come up with the idea?

Storytelling is an artform that relies on audience engagement, arguably more than any other, so it is ideally suited as a base for roleplaying. To encourage passers-by to seek out and interact with all Shoestring’s performers, we also created some collectable “Top Trumps” cards based on the local folklore – so they’d take away mementoes of the stories they’d heard.

Lasting memories of the day?

Hearing all the positive feedback from the crowds all around Brandon during and after the event!

This picture above shows me as “Old Roger”, the Guardian of the Brecklands, who was a “spirit” none of Shoestring’s performers could see – but he was there to provide them support with their storytelling on the day, if needed. He also had a fair bit of Brandon and Suffolk folklore to share with the public himself…! – Chip Colquhoun

Managing Director Snail Tales, Amy Robinson said,

How did you get involved with Brandon Ferry Tales?

Snail Tales responded to a call from Market Place for storytellers and scriptwriters, with a proposal, which built on some of our past work in local storytelling. Brandon’s rich past inspired us to imagine ‘ghosts’ telling their stories in significant places in the town centre, mixing local folklore with historical figures. It was fascinating to research Brandon’s history, while putting the stories together, and to discover what an important place it has been from Saxon times to the present. I enjoyed listening to the stories interpreted and performed by the local volunteers, especially some of the very talented younger performers who improvised imaginative answers to questions.

Lasting memories of the day?

A very enjoyable day out, which brought to light the history and importance of Brandon. – Amy Robinson


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