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Learning To Create Graphic Novels

Learning To Create Graphic Novels

Over the October half term, Fenland were brought in with a wonderful opportunity to learn about creating graphic novels with illustrator and comic artist Jade Sarson, winner of the 2014 Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel competition.

The three days of the workshops were scattered into:

  • Learning about storytelling
  • Different comic styles
  • Creating a background
  • Illustrating emotions
  • Facial features
  • Elements of a page
  • Character design
  • The stages of comic design and more

Our Marketing Intern, Arsh Gill, writes about her personal experience of attending one of the workshops:

Entering into Jade’s Graphic Novel Workshop, introduced me to 10 wonderful participants who were all from different parts of towns. They worked together as a team each producing individual stories. Sharing each other’s thoughts and ideas. As a beginner who only attended one workshop out of the three, I still learned  various useful things – e.g. how to draw facial and body features and many other aspects. The workshop pushed me into wanting to learn more about graphic novels and drawing. If there is another workshop, I would love to attend .

The artist Jade Sarson writes about her experience: 

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to teach my comic making workshops over the course of 3 days in March. It was a lovely space, with plenty of room for all the participants to work hard, but also relax amongst each other and make friends. Having 3 days to work with was great because it allowed me to cover a huge range of skills and topics, showing the participants how to make comics from start to finish and how to apply the skills to lots of other creative endeavours. It was pleasing to see the participants had enjoyed themselves and learnt lots of new things in a course that had never previously been available to them in the Fenland area.

Thoughts and comments from some of the participants:

I’ve had a really good experience overall and I have really enjoyed these 3 days. I’ve learned so much about drawing and the comic process. It was really nice to meet new, similar people and Jade is a great artist and teacher.Chelsie Pepper

I’ve learnt how to get along with others and how to draw hands and faces. It was a good experience with a nice location and equipment. I enjoyed the workshop as it was fun and informative. The artist was fun and really cool.Kathryn Johnson

The overall experience was really fun! I learnt how to improve my skills and how to layout a comic properly. Jade is a really good artist and a great person to have a conversation with. Anya Levicki



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