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Imagine: Whittlesey Rehearsals

Imagine: Whittlesey Rehearsals

The Imagine: Whittlesey project is well under way with two rehearsals already held on 23rd February and 2nd March. Students from Coates Primary schoolPark Lane Primary School, and Sir Harry Smith Community College are working closely with Grand Union Orchestra getting ready for the Imagine: Whittlesey Concert on 18th March.

Shanti Jayasinha, Grand Union Music Leader feels impressed,

I have been very impressed with the engagement of all the students, especially the younger children, and how they have embraced learning unfamiliar African, Indian and Brazilian music with enthusiasm. One of the joys of the projects like this is spotting and nurturing talent, for example we have come across an exciting young violinist who will be playing an improvised solo to a West African tune in the concert — Shanti Jayasinha

Children are enjoying learning new rhythms and sounds, exploring music from around the globe, and learning to play new pieces on classical instruments.

The opportunity for our pupils to engage with professional musicians has been an inspiring and hugely motivational one, which all of our pupils have greatly benefited from. In particular, to have been introduced to music from a diverse range of cultures has been hugely engaging and opened their minds to a wealth of styles and arrangements. Those pupils in our school orchestra, who have worked particularly closely with members of Grand Union, have learnt so much and have rapidly developed their skills – what a fabulous project to have been involved with! — Sue Bradshaw, Park Lane Primary School

Market Place Programme Manager, Catherine Mummery, said,

Both Grand Union and school children from the area have been working tremendously hard exploring music stories of land, sea and myths from around the world. The concert is going to be a celebration of both our local heritage and stories from around the globe and will bring together Whittlesey’s unique relationship with music and a celebrated festival that attracts people from all over the country.

On the 2nd March during the rehearsals, musicians had a surprise visit from Sue Marchant, BBC Cambridgeshire reporter. You can listen to the interviews with the children and musicians in this podcast  (starts at 22min 40sec).

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