Brandon ferry Tales – Can They Come Back Every Year Please!

Brandon ferry Tales – Can They Come Back Every Year Please!

This Sunday saw the Ferry Tales event come to Brandon. Local stories and traditions were brought to life through a variety of art forms. This day was a true celebration of creativity in the local community and showed how united the community of Brandon is. So many local arts groups, societies, and businesses came together to celebrate the rich history of their town and offer a fun family day for local people.

Olivier Award nominated Les Enfants Terribles performed twice on Market Hill. Their Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie came down with a storm.

Can they come back every year, please! — member of the audience

Darren Norton, posted on,

Wow! What a fantastic event the ‘Brandon Ferry Tales’ has been.  The performance of the ‘Marvelous Imaginary Menagerie’ was outstanding. The story took us across the globe, to Siberia, over the sea battling a huge octopus-type monster, and gave me a newly found love for fish! I am not sure the Market Hill has seen such weird beasts!

Each performance was followed by an interactive promenade, where historical characters from the past were telling their stories to passers by. All local Brandon stories and true characters. These were a result of long summer time rehearsals of Brandon Shoestring Theatre Company working with Snail Tales.

Darren Norton said,

The historical characters, each telling their own story, along the High Street and down to the bridge, were top notch.  Shoestring you done good”

Brandon Arts Society worked with Rikki Ottis to create beautiful festoons inspired by local heritage. These decorated the High Street on the day.

Town Orchard turned into a cozy woolen fairy land with knitted creatures and flowers hand made by local people. Brandon Country Park and Brandon Library offered music and poetry for those, who wanted to relax.

Bridge Hotel hosted a photos exhibition put together by Brandon Arts Society, which gave people a chance to see their town back in time.

“It was a great event and shows how good a place Brandon is to live in. We should all be proud of OUR TOWN!”, was another comment from an audience member posted on


Market Place Album, photos by Alex McElroy photos

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