Arsh Gill About Family Music Day In Whittlesey

Arsh Gill About Family Music Day In Whittlesey

Thanks to 20Twenty ProductionsMusicNet East and Cambridgeshire Music on Saturday, 11 February, Whittlesey enjoyed a Family Music Day exploring music and instruments from around the world. Our Marketing Intern, Arsh Gill, writes about her personal experience of attending the day.

The day started off with warm ups in a creative way – check out this video.Then the participants were divided into groups led by Grand Union orchestra musicians Ros DaviesCarlos FuentesClaude Deppa and Amisha Karsan. In each group, participants learned how to play different instruments such as percussion, penny whistle, and ukulele. At the end of the day they all came together in an improvised orchestra to play together the music and beats learned during the day.

I had an amazing time with the audience and musicians. I still got the beats stuck in my head! I really enjoyed the fun warm ups. It was lovely speaking with Amisha, and finding out how she fell in love with the sitar. It brought back memories of the days I used to play harmonium and tabla.

This is a beginning of Grand Union orchestra residence in Whittlesey. They are planning to work more with local schoolchildren over February and March on Imagine:Whittlesey concert that will take place at Sir Harry Smith Community College on 18 March. I am so excited, and can’t wait to see the concert! — Arsh Gill

Grand Union orchestra musician Carlos Fuentes, who was one of the music leaders on the day, said,

We created a really nice environment for the parents and children to work together. Everyone got into learning new music that would have been unusual to them. I was talking to one of their parents, he had not planned on staying for the whole day, but he and his daughter were having such a good time that they stayed the whole day. Sir Harry Smith school and their music teacher Miss Bromley were fantastic in letting us use so many of their instruments, this allowed everyone to be playing music from South Africa, India and Brazil on a wonderful range of instruments. — Carlos Fuentes, Grand Union Orchestra

If you weren’t able to attend this family day but would be interested in similar opportunities,  please come to the “Imagine: Whittlesey” Concert on Saturday, 18 March 2017.
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