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Mildenhall, a small Suffolk market town in the Forest Heath district, can trace its artistic and creative history back to to the Roman invasion of Britain! Mildenhall was the site of a Roman settlement, following the invasion, but the area around Mildenhall has been settled by humans since at least the Bronze Age.

The Mildenhall Treasure, which includes 34 pieces of some of  the finest surviving examples of Roman silversmith work, is now located at the British Museum. The Treasure was unearthed in January 1943 by a local Suffolk ploughman, and is believed to have been buried in the 4th Century. Replicas of the Treasure are on display at the local Mildenhall Museum too.

In more modern times, north of Mildenhall is a former a wartime bomber base, RAF Mildenhall and additionally the RAF Lakenheath airbase, which is currently used by the United States Air Force as the headquarters for some of their units.

Mildenhall centres on a market place with a 15th-century hexagonal market cross and town pump.The market takes place every Friday, and the construction of the Market Cross commemorates confirmation of the importance of the Friday market by the Royal Charter in 1412. The town pump acts as a reminder that piped water was not available until the 1940’s!

The Market Place project has worked with local people to create interactive and immersive performances at ‘The Lost Story’ in Mildenhall Library, ‘Crafternoons’ which included an Arts Trail, yarnbombing and crafting drop sessions at lunchtimes. Together with local people, we’ve put storytelling at the heart of our activity to tell the story of Mildenhall and the people who live there.

Events in Mildenhall