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Chatteris, a Cambridgeshire market town in the Fenland district,  can trace its inhabitants back to Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age settlements. 

Chatteris is a small town on the western border of the Isle of Ely, the road connecting the two is known as Ireton’s Way, having been constructed by the Parliamentary general during the Civil War to convey troops from Chatteris to Ely. It is believed, by some, to have been the last refuge of Boudicca as she fled from the Romans.

A large portion of Chatteris was destroyed by a great fire in 1310, which destroyed the nunnery and a large portion of the church. Later fires in 1706 and 1864 destroyed most medieval and Georgian architecture, and as a result, a large proportion of the town's listed buildings date from the Victorian period onwards.  Though several of the remaining older buildings of the town show evidence of the Dutch architectural style, inspired perhaps by Cornelius Vermuyden, the Dutch engineer who designed the plans to drain the Fens in the 17th Century.

The Market in Chatteris had been discontinued before 1808 owing to the bad state of the roads and the frequent floods in the district. Though it was revived, on a petition of nearly 100 inhabitants, in 1834 and by 1851 it was well attended and the centre of a fair trade in corn.

Market Place has worked with local people to create a variety of creative events across Chatteris!  Market Place has worked with young people to create their own graffiti with an award winning artist Si Mitchell, learnt how to screen print using local landmarks as inspiration & bought the ‘United Nations Bureau of Significant Inspiration’ who’d recognised March as a hotbed of inspiration along for a brilliant day too

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Events in Chatteris