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Great Fire of Chatteris – Poems by Local Children

© Carol Von Canon

On Thursday, 17 November, storyteller Polly Howat told the story of the Great Fire of Chatteris Year 5 students at Kingsfield Primary School in Chatteris.

Thirty-nine students than had a chance to work with Fenland Poet Poppy Kleiser to have a go at writing their own poem.  By the end of the day all the poems that have been written were read by the Fenland Poets Collective and five were chosen to be included in the Chatteris in Myth and Memory book that will be published in early Summer 2017.  The selected poems will also be read at the celebration event on Thursday, 22 June 2017, as part of the Chatteris Midsummer Festival activities. Please read some of the poems below. Enjoy!

“Great Fire of Chatteris”, poem by Keaton, Year 5

The growling dragon burning house

Destroying the streets of Chatteris

Black smoke, shooting sparks

People screaming and running,

The beast chasing the hungry for bodies

Sizzling fresh flames

Homes are being stolen

“Great Fire of Chatteris”, poem by Annabel White, Year 5

The fire is a ray of fear

you better watch out it’s coming near



Two boys, and a pregnant lady

Will she ever have her baby?


The fire is a dragon roaring

Will it be gone in the morning?



Made live stocks

Five more minutes

and the fire locks


The fire is a hissing snake

Was this just a big mistake

11am, 14th September

Will anyone be alive to remember?

To find out more about Chatteris in Myth and Memory and contact Katherine Nightingale at, if you want to get involved.