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Word Up! Festival Profile: Anya Levicki

Sat 03 Mar 2018

Word Up! Festival Profile: Anya Levicki

The Word Up! Festival is taking place in and around the town of March from 12 to 22 April. Find out more about the creatives involved.


PROFILE: Anya Levicki, 20Twenty Academy

I’m really excited to get involved with the total freedom of creativity with it all!


A little about yourself:

I’m an art student at Peterborough Regional College, with an interest for TV, videogames and film, media, theatre and literature. Up until 2017 I had been home educated for the majority of my life. I’ve been acting with 20Twenty Academy for about 10 years now, and I plan to go into acting as a career.

What organisation are you representing in the Word Up! Festival:

I’ve been part of 20Twenty Academy since I was around six years old. I started as just someone willing to sing, dance and act. Over time, I’ve branched out to other parts of theatre, such as costume, prop and set design. I’m now also a youth volunteer with them, as part of my college work experience. I really enjoy all aspects of being a part of this youth group, and I appreciate all the opportunities 20Twenty has given me!

Why did you decide to get involved in the Word Up! Festival:

I first joined Word Up to act as a youthful observer of all the ideas being flown about – giving my views on what the younger demographic might be interested in, as well as throw some ideas about myself. As the festival itself became more fleshed out, I used it as an opportunity to officially volunteer as part of my college’s work experience.

What are you adding to the festival:

I’m organising a one-day event, where people of all ages can drop in and, with professional artists, re-design their favourite book covers from the 60s, 70s and 80s – or any book of their choosing! They can create bookmarks and mixed media pieces.

What part of the festival are you most looking forward to:

The 50 Journals activity! I’m really excited to get involved with the total freedom of creativity with it all!

A huge thank you to Anya, we can’t wait to see what the finished book cover art.

To find out more about the Word Up! Festival contact Katherine Nightingale .

Word Up! Festival

Between 12 and 22 of April the Word Up! Festival will be taking over the town of March! Join in to get creative with storytelling in all it’s forms. Enjoy film, music, visual arts, performance, poetry, and creative writing and have a go yourself with our interactive events. Bring your family and friends to try your hand at a range of activities. The Word Up! Festival finale will be taking place on the Market Place at St George’s Fayre. Fin d out more about the Word Up! Festival here.

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