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Message from Kate Hall, our Project Director

Mon 04 Dec 2017

Message from Kate Hall, our Project Director

Season greetings and message from Kate Hall, our Project Director:

Dear all,

In November we were able to share the good news with you that the Market Place project has received funding to run a second phase of activities up to 2021, and that we have been given approval to extend our current phase to allow us time to celebrate the work being done and to reflect on how the project is developing.  I am very proud of the hard work and dedication of everyone involved to create this positive future for the arts in Forest Heath and Fenland, well done all.


Having brought the project so far I have decided it is time for me to move onto pastures new.  I reduced my hours at Market Place back in June 2016 in order to pursue an opportunity to work with Battersea Arts Centre programming theatre and performance in Peterborough, and I have decided that this work, with my company Jumped Up Theatre, needs to be my main focus for the future.  When I went part-time my post was back-filled by Catherine Mummery and her contract also finishes at this time. The Market Place Consortium and ADEC Trustees have therefore used this opportunity to agree a new management structure, responding to the changing needs of the project, for which they are currently recruiting. You can find out more about the job roles here.


Some familiar faces will continue to be involved; these include Kayleigh Boyle (Communications Officer) and John Yarrow (Admin and Finance) and Ali Atkins (who from January will be expanding her Creative Agent role to oversee the development of artistic networks in both Fenland and Forest Heath). Katherine Nightingale will continue as a consortium member and is leading the ‘Word Up’ festival in March next Spring.


The next few months will also see the development and unveiling of the Talkin’ About Our Generation project across both regions, and the Celebration Commission which will see major events happening in Wisbech and Newmarket, with a participation programme across all the towns. In addition there will be an assessment of the needs and priorities of all those that have engaged with Market Place so far, as Forum Members and Development Commission holders; and ensuring that Market Place has a strong local voice in everything it does.


If you have any queries you would have previously directed to myself or Catherine please email them to  In the meantime thank you for supporting Market Place and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and New Year.

Best wishes,

Kate Hall

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