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Market Place to start work with the United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration

Thu 03 May 2018

We are excited to announce that Market Place is starting work with the United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration in Fenland and Forest Heath.

We would like you to get involved our recording breaking project.

The United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration have been researching the properties of marbles, we need your help to get them to the next stage of their work.


The History of Marbles

The origin of the word ‘marble’ as a term to describe small spheres used for play, decoration, altruistic and esoteric functions comes from Early Modern English and descends from the term ‘memory pebble’. Tudors used semi precious stones and gems as aids to memory and in alchemic rituals, ‘don’t lose your memory pebbles’ had physical meaning.

Marbles date back to around 4000 BCE, and have been uncovered in excavations across the Indus Valley Region, Ancient Egypt, and Mesopotamia.

Our discovery

We discovered unique set of marbles in the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro in modern day Pakistan; with strides in recent technology, we have been able to conduct an analysis of their properties.

The United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration (UNBOSI) have been able to establish from this research that these ancient marbles were able to retain concentrated inspiration which was detected as a novel substance, we have named this substance MUSE (Micro-molecular Unseen Sensory Emanations). Often marbles are associated primarily with the game of marbles, however, we have reason to believe this was not just a game but an exchange of experiences between people.

UNBOSI has been studying the properties of marbles since the early 1950’s. In that time we have established that marbles have active capabilities; marbles are capable of storing and distributing inspiration. The more exposure to experience a marble has, the greater its capacity is to be an inspiration tool.

Currently, UNBOSI is attempting to understand the methods by which Marbles absorb the experience and the transformative process by which this experience becomes an inspiration. Many questions still remain, such as:

What forms of experience do Marbles absorb?
Do certain experiences have a greater inspirational effect than others?
How do the marbles help us understand each other’s experiences?
How can we artificially create the inspirational substance MUSE?

In order to explore these research questions further we are developing
Marble Experience Exposure Machines (MEEM). MEEM is the name for apparatus created with the purpose of increasing a marbles inspirational capacity. These often take the form of marbles runs.

We need you

UNBOSI are looking for people to act as local delegates and work with us to promote and share inspiration in their community by joining and recruiting teams from the region to create new MEEMs.

UNBOSI would like your community group to help us create blueprints to build a multitude of MEEMs so that together we can charge more marbles with light bulb moments.

Are you a maker? You can be part of the UNBOSI team, helping us build and construct the world record attempts.

Once each of the MEEMs have been constructed and joined together our analytics predict that it will be the biggest, longest, most creatively inspired, world record breaking Marble Run in existence!

How to get involved:

Contact the United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration via phone on 0800 3166690 or email

Find out more about how to get involved on the UNBOSI website here.

The United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration will be present at the following events to discuss the project:

9 June March Summer Festival
30 June Chatteris Midsummer Festival
14 July Mildenhall Lark in the Park
28 July Tesco Brandon Family Fun Day

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