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Market Place is pleased to announce new partnership with the UN BOSI

Thu 19 Apr 2018

This summer Market Place will be working in partnership with the United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration (UNBOSI). The UNBOSI have identified the region of Fenland and Forest Heath as a site of significant value, and Market Place as an ideal creative partner for ‘finding the switch for light bulb moments’.

During their Phase One research stage the UNBOSI will need your help. Combining hard science with esoteric and anecdotal evidence this programme of discovery hopes to develop a fun, engaging, and world improving project.

Statement from Roger Hartley, the Director of the United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration:

A key discovery in our 71 years of research is that marbles have active capabilities. Studying examples, dating back 4000 years and across civilisations, revealed both complementary and conflicting explanations. The more exposure to experience a marble has, the great its capacity is to be an inspirational tool.

We are currently looking to identify key individuals and groups who can contribute to this research. If you would like to take on the challenge, aid important research, and help get Fenland and Forest Heath credited as a ‘site of significant inspiration’ Roger Hartley, the Director of the UNBOSI, would like to hear from you directly

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