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Fire&Flint Profile: Millie

Sat 09 Sep 2017

Fire&Flint Profile: Millie

PROFILE: MILLIE, The Brandon Heritage Centre

It’s important to know where you came from

Last week our Communications Officer got a tour of the Brandon Heritage Centre with one of their volunteers, Millie.

The 14 year old Millie runs the twitter account and contributes to the running of the Brandon Heritage Centre. When the Centre was threatened with closure Millie was disappointed as she planned to take her Granddad on a visit. She decided to attend the meeting discussing the future of the Centre and signed up to volunteer.

Millie’s main role in the Centre is running their social media. She has hundreds of photographs that belong to the Centre on her computer, and also makes trips in to take more photographs of the collections. Everyday she researches a photo and posts it onto the Centre’s Twitter account with a caption.

She is also excited to get involved with the interactive displays in the centre, especially the dress up area for children.

Millie’s favourite photograph is a flintknapper working. Flintknapping is difficult and delicate work, and was an integral skill and trade in Brandon.

Before volunteering with the Centre Millie was unaware of the fur factory in Brandon, so she has enjoyed learning about the industry.

Her favourite experiences in the Centre have been talking to people who remember Brandon as it’s seen through the photographs and the collections they have on display. The Centre is a great place for bringing people together to see their shared history. Millie, speaking as someone from a younger generation far removed from the world of fur factories and flintknapping, sees the great importance in knowing where you came from and the history of the place you live.

At school Millie enjoys History (especially the Tudors) and Art, but has ambitions to  become a Human Rights solicitor in her future career!

Thank you Millie and Brandon Heritage Centre.

To find out more about Brandon Fire & Flint and to get involved contact Ali Atkins

Fire&Flint: past, present and future of the town of Brandon

This year on Saturday, 23 September, join us for a journey back to the past, through present, and then on to the future of our home town. Explore Brandon in a new light! Bring your family and friends to take part in a range of creative activities – enjoy crafts, get inspired by body art, and be immersed in a series performances throughout the town centre. We will finish the day with a lantern parade and a digital grand finale performance of “Fire&Flint” by Anomic Multimedia. Find out more here.

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