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Art on Prescription

Tue 03 Oct 2017

Art on Prescription

Stressed, anxious, depressed or living with a long term health condition? This program using Art is for those suffering from stress, anxiety depression and other conditions affecting mental wellbeing. You don’t need any experience to take part, everyone is welcome from absolute beginner to the more experienced. The 6 weeks sessions block starts on 13 October.

**You must be over 18 and live in the Mildenhall area**


Studies have shown that taking part in an arts activity has a positive effect and influence on mental health and general wellbeing. It can increase self-esteem and confidence, reduce feelings of isolation and give those involved a sense of personal achievement.


You will be offered a six week course (1hr), where you will be able to explore art by painting an abstract expressive piece, step by step in layers. It is a chance to explore your feelings and develop your self-confidence alongside others in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. You get to keep your work at the end of the 6 weeks. Sessions take place during the day, but we are looking at developing an evening class.

The sessions are led by experienced professional artist and arts facilitator and there will be a Health Professional on hand. They will take place at Tabstract Art Studio in Mildenhall, which is a few steps away from the Doctors surgeries.


Please ask a Health Professional in Mildenhall (GP, Counsellor, Psychologist or staff at support organizations e.g Mind) for a referral form, or email

Previous participants of Art on Prescription say:

“Everything has improved in my life and I feel I’m moving forward,….with confidence”

“This group has helped me to find my voice and strengthen it”

“The sessions take my mind off other things”

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