Fire&Flint_BrandonSept2017_by Alex McElroy
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Fire&Flint_BrandonSept2017_by Alex McElroy
Fire&Flint_BrandonSept2017_by Alex McElroy
Fire&Flint_BrandonSept2017_by Alex McElroy
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Market Place Will Continue Its Work Till 2021
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Photo: Creative Commons
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Photo: Creative Commons
Photo: Creative Commons
Photo: Creative Commons
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
Watch Our Film about Newmarket Kite Symphony
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
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Newmarket Kite Symphony – Get Involved

© Alexander David Cronin Gold - Arial drone photo of artist Marcelo flying the Sky Dog Stunt Kite
Flying Kite, by Creative Commons

***UPDATE*** Every Saturday from 27 May  leading up to the main event on the 8 July there will be Kite Flying Sessions led by artist R.M. Sánchez-Camus and kite enthusiast Zachary de Santos on Long Hill up from the Severals from 2.30pm to 5.30pm – weather permitting. Click here for the map of the location.

Dual line kite flying is an internationally celebrated sport and now arriving at Newmarket in 2017! Bringing the tradition of a machine designed to cut through the wind, jump, turn and gallop, what a better sport to celebrate Newmarket. But these aren’t any regular stunt kites, they will also be part creating music through their movements! Kite Ballet is when a series of kites fly in unison to music, creating choreographed formations across the sky. Newmarket Kite Symphony will offer the skies over Newmarket as the new racing grounds for an adventurous, exciting and accessible new sport in town.

Artist R.M. Sánchez-Camus and kite enthusiast and musician Zachary de Santos are teaming up with Newmarket artist Paula Wilson to bring an exciting new opportunity to residents of Newmarket. Over a series of open public workshops in May and June 2017 we will be teaching groups:

  • to fly precision stunt kites, also called dual line sport kites
  • to design large scale material Kites for the Newmarket Carnival
  • to engage with the sport of kite flying

At Art and Design workshops we will be creating designs inspired by sport and making large scale kites to be part of Newmarket Carnival this year. Kite flying workshops are open to individuals, who are happy with the outdoors and physicality, ages 16 and up. You are more than welcome to participate in kite flying workshops as an observer! The workshops will culminate in a public showing of our kite and music flying work: Newmarket Kite Symphony on the 8th July 2017 as part of Newmarket Carnival and Newmarket Music Festival.

Everyone is welcome. There will be opportunities to join various groups. 


  • join us for kite flying sessions every Saturday from 27 May on Long Hill up from the Severals from 2.30pm to 5.30pm (weather permitting) 
  • come along to Newmarket Kite Symphony Open Days at Palace House Newmarket on 31 May and 1 June, 11am till 4pm
  • contact Ali Atkins, our Creative Agent for Forest Heath, if you have a group interested in having a workshop run for them or want to join any of the workshops yourself


See kites in action – watch this short video by Zack, of L-Katz and the figure being performed is called “the fountain”. Also, read Zach de Santo’s account of the day.


Roberto Marcelo Sanchez-Camus

Marcelo is a creative practitioner who develops works of art in collaboration with community partners. He creates site-responsive works that activate dialogue, interaction, visual impact and community cohesion. His interests lay in neighbourhood narratives, hidden mythologies, psychogeography, and outdoor interventions. Recent project partners include People United, Artangel, Perry Barr Arts Forum, Young Foundation, Barking & Dagenham, and Lewisham Council. Past projects include parades, large-scale community street banners, outdoor performance interventions, sound installations, audio walks, social circus, and immersive theatre.

Recent publications include Applied Live Art: Socially Engaged & Site-Responsive Performance, 2012 and End of Life Care: A Guide for Therapists, Artists and Arts Therapists, 2013.

He is currently working with Marketplace developing the Newmarket Kite Symphony and works as a Community Artist at St. Christopher’s Hospice in South London. Marcelo holds a PhD Applied Arts (Brunel University, London), MA Scenography (Central Saint Martins, London), and a BA in Visual Arts (School of Visual Arts, New York City).

Paula Wilson

Paula’s passion for art and design has been a journey of exploration into a variety of subjects and mediums. Through colour and visual excitement, she has developed designs inspired by the racing colours that convey the thrill of the race, whilst imparting historical information.

Paula enjoyed sharing the history of racing colours and her art with visitors as Artist in Residence at the National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket for five years during which time she developed a range of prints and products carrying her designs. Most recently designing a bespoke range called ‘The Queen’s Colours’ to celebrate the opening of the new museum by Her Majesty the Queen.

Paula is an art lecturer who has taught in schools and colleges. She now chooses to deliver art workshops to groups of all ages and abilities in the wider community.

Zachary de Santos

Zack is a professional musician and artist whose OpenKite project is part of the inspiration for this project. Using kites he manipulates sound and media through kiting and kite ballet. Zack has been working for more than 15 years with people with disabilities. Part of his own ongoing project is helping people with his vast experience with kites and technology for sport, health and well-being.

A Bachelor of The Arts in Music, Zack also works with hardware and software development to achieve his aims. Zack has recently worked with COMA Orchestra and Drake Music Collaborate (a development space for professional disabled musicians)

Jasmin Rodgman

Jasmin Kent Rodgman is a British-Malaysian composer and multi-instrumentalist with a focus on the visual arts and live performance platforms. She has been inspired by ‘The sporting history of Newmarket, the expanse of the sea and sky, and movement in dance’ her compositions allow ‘the kite performers the space to improvise and freestyle. Musical phrases will be triggered one after the other, as the kites playfully weave in and out of melodies and minimalist rhythms in flight’.

Collaborating with filmmakers worldwide, her film and artists’ moving image scores have been supported by partners such as the BFI. Network, Film London, Arts Council England and Screen Australia.

For sample soundscape see this link.


Palace House, Newmarket: the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with the Palace House Newmarket. The National Heritage Centre is situated in Charles II’s sporting palace and stables and spans five acres in the heart of Newmarket. It comprises three complementary attractions; a new National Horseracing Museum, a National Art Gallery of British Sporting Art, and a chance to meet former racehorses and learn what they do after racing, in the flagship home of Retraining of Racehorses.

National Heritage Centre at Palace House is result of over ten years planning, building and the fundraising to become the biggest new attraction to open in Suffolk in the last decade. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Forest Heath District Council, Suffolk County Council, The Wellcome Trust, the Racing Industry (including the Jockey Club, Tattersalls, Weatherbys and the Racing Foundation) as well as many private trusts, foundations and individuals from the world of horseracing and beyond, the project is an important example of partnership across the public and private sectors.

Newmarket Music Festival 1-30 July 2017

Organised by local volunteers, supported by the Town, District and County Councils, we are passionate about bringing like-minded people together, sharing resources and celebrating music and our town! If you want to find out more, please get in touch at or join us on Facebook.