Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Market Place Will Continue Its Work Till 2021
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Imagine Whittlesey, photo by Alex McElroy
Photo: Creative Commons
New Ways to Reach New Audiences - find out more
Photo: Creative Commons
Photo: Creative Commons
Photo: Creative Commons
Inspiring Creativity, photo by Cambridge Community Arts
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Inspiring Creativity, photo by Cambridge Community Arts
Inspiring Creativity, photo by Cambridge Community Arts
Inspiring Creativity, photo by Cambridge Community Arts
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
Watch Our Film about Newmarket Kite Symphony
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
Newmarket Kite Symphony, photo by Alex McElroy
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Work With Us

Celebration Commission Call Out

We are delighted that our Phase 1 funding has been extended to celebrate the project’s achievements. Market Place are looking for an organisation to create an engaging programme for 2018.

We are seeking expressions of interest from artists, arts organisations, partnerships or consortia to work with us, to develop and deliver:

  • Major celebration events in two of our towns, Wisbech and Newmarket. These events will engage at least 500 people, in each town, in mass participation activity, and attract family audiences, in each town, of 3,000 – 5,000 people.
  • A programme of high-quality participatory activity in our seven market towns of Brandon, Chatteris, March, Mildenhall, Newmarket, Wisbech and Whittlesey, that will ‘feed’ into the events in Newmarket and Wisbech.

It is expected that the events and the participatory activity will:

  • Be significant and memorable.
  • Reflect and celebrate the locality.
  • Be developed and delivered by highly skilled, participatory artists, working in close consultation with our Creative Forums and the Market Place team
  • Build on the networks and activities that have been delivered through Market Place in the past three years. See Market Place website for an overview of the range of skills, interests and relationships this commission should seek to build on.
  • Tap into our communities’ strong interest in extraordinary storytelling and in celebrating local people.
  • Be accessible to a wide range of audiences with a particular commitment to new and low arts-engagers.

Our communities have told us that they enjoy working with partners who:

  • Are generous in sharing their high-quality, creative skills, ambition and extensive experience.
  • Have excellent communication skills that demonstrate a genuine curiosity about the places and people they are working with.
  • Will take a flexible approach in order to reach new audiences and adapt to new opportunities


The total budget for the development and delivery of the events and activity, is £83,000, including VAT. It is expected that at least £21,000 of this will be spent on participatory work. It is expected that this budget will be used to attract some additional funding or investment (excluding Arts Council funds) and income generating activity, such as ticket sales, in order to expand the programme, if successful.

In addition, there is a marketing budget and evaluation framework. Please note: full participation in the evaluation framework must be included in the delivery budget.


  • More people taking part in and enjoying the arts across the 7 towns, particularly reaching new and low engagers.
  • Ambitions developed for future arts activity across the 7 towns.
  • Local and regional audiences attending the two major events.
  • A wide range of inter-generational family audiences attending the two major events.


  • 16 November 2017 – call out
  • 8 December 2017 – deadline for Expressions of Interest
  • w/c 11 Dec – short-listing
  • Friday 5th January 2018 – presentations and interviews in Ely.
  • Late January 2018 – issue contract
  • March – April 2018 – development phase
  • May – June 2018 – participation programme
  • June – July 2018 – major events
  • Evaluation: August – September 2018


Please submit by email to up to 2 sides of A4 describing:

  • What interests you about this commission.
  • Your approach to developing and delivering participatory activity, including the details of any partners, artists or producers that will work on this project.
  • Your approach to developing and delivering the events, including the details of any partners, artists or producers that will work on this project.
  • The overarching artistic direction of this activity, and how local voice and identity will be supported to inform the process.
  • The support you will need from the Market Place team.

Please attach:

  • An outline budget, indicating whether you plan to attract additional funding and/or earn income.
  • Background information on your previous work and CVs of artists and producers involved.
  • Relevant web links.

The deadline for submitting expressions of interest is: 10am on Friday, 8 December 2017.

We welcome discussions about this opportunity. You are may contact any of the following people to discuss Market Place and this activity in further detail. Please book telephone conversations via email by 1 December 2017:

We will shortlist Expressions of Interest, invite full proposals and presentations to a panel, including key members of our creative forums on 5th January 2017. 

Freelance Jobs: ‘Talkin’ bout my generation’ Project

Talkin’ bout my generation’ is a Market Place project led by Babylon ARTS that will capture the musical 1960s-80s teenage memories of March, Wisbech, Mildenhall and Brandon.

Local Baby Boomers will be supported to explore, celebrate and preserve their experiences of popular musical culture of the period, including the associated social, visual and fashion aspects. This will include ‘reminisce roadshow’ workshops in each town and the production of final community sharing events and resources.

Delivery of the project will take place from November 2017 to June2018.

We are seeking to fill two freelance roles:

  •  Project Co-ordinator to manage the project’s programme and delivery including budgets and reporting. Contract fee: £13,200 plus £500 towards travel costs. Download Job Brief for Project Co-ordinator here.
  • Pop Culture Archivist, a heritage professional, to join the team to research relevant local and regional history, create learning materials to support events and workshops, support volunteers to investigate information and oversee the appropriate sharing and archiving of the project’s findings. Contract fee: £5,000 plus £250 towards travel. Download the brief for the role here. Download Job Brief for Pop Culture Archivist here.

For questions and details please email Nathan Jones at

***Application deadline Monday 6th November 2017***

Development Commissions – Round 3 – NOW CLOSED


Market Place is building audiences for the arts by supporting new activity that reaches new audiences in the market towns of Forest Heath (Brandon, Mildenhall, Newmarket) and Fenland (Chatteris, March, Whittlesey and Wisbech).  As well as developing and delivering exciting and inspirational events in our seven towns, Market Place has also commissioned a range of artists, arts organisations and community groups to deliver their own new projects which reach new audiences.


Development Commissions are open to anyone wanting to contribute to building the creative offer in the market towns of Forest Heath and Fenland. Creative businesses and professional artists are eligible to apply alongside voluntary arts groups, community organisations and young people. In developing your commission we would encourage you to collaborate with project partners to ensure that you have the capacity and skills to deliver your proposed idea.

Priorities for Round 3 of the Development Commission will be given to projects that:

  1. Support artists or arts organisations and community groups or organisations to work in new partnerships and to develop arts programmes or events, which are new or are of a scale or ambition that they have not delivered before
  2. Reach audiences who are new to the arts (as participants or audience) including marginalised or minority communities and individuals.
  3. Develop new arts programmes or events, which may be sustainable in the future.
  4. Have the potential to lever match funding or income in the short to medium term (i.e. beyond the life of this commission)
  5. Have the potential to reach across more than one of the Market Place towns.

Round 3 deadline 30th August 2017. Applications Round is now CLOSED.

Projects for Round 3 Development Commissions need to commence after 15 June 2017.

There is £40,000 in total for the whole Market Place region in 2017, with additional professional support from the Market Place team. We will provide up to £4,000 per commission. In some instances, the panel may not award the full amount, which is applied for. A spread across the towns is sought and awards will be made considering local need and strength of applications.


  • If you have an idea for an arts activity that will develop arts audiences within the Market Place area, but are not sure it fits the Development Commissions, please do contact Catherine Mummery, our Programme Manager at 
  • Receive one-to-one support to develop a project idea and a proposal via a meeting (in person or via Skype or by phone)
  • Send us you initial draft proposals so one of the Market Place team can raise any questions, or give advice to strengthen final proposals, to increase the likelihood of success
  • All activities must be completed by 30th April 2018. 







Organisations making submissions, which are passed by the panel, will need to agree to terms and conditions to receive final approval and support. Details of the agreement can be found in the Guidance for Applicants pack.

If you have any questions about the development commissions, please contact Catherine Mummery, our Programme Manager, at or call 01353 611 591.

Volunteer Roles

We really value volunteers. They bring their own experiences, insights and interests to Market Place, helping us gain new perspectives and develop links with local communities.

Volunteers can be involved in a range of roles from marketing support to events management, research and work with databases, social media and offline promotion. Different people volunteer for various reason. You may want to try something new or gain new skills and experience, or maybe meet new people and get behind-the-scenes of the arts, or just to give something back to your local community.

If you would like to know more about volunteering for Market Place, please send your CV and expression of interest to Kayleigh Boyle at