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Money Bootcamp: Follow Up

Money Bootcamp ©Market Place

On 19 March 2016 we run a Money Bootcamp – a one day intensive training in fundraising in the arts. Groups of participants were immersed into conversations about understanding the funder’s needs, importance of partnerships, marketing and audience development strategies, project planning and budgeting. We could see ideas coming to shape with detailed plans and new opportunities for collaboration.

This event would not have happened without the grant provided by  Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy – we feel very proud to have received it and feel that our Money Bootcamp has contributed to their mission statement “to transform fundraising across the arts and cultural sector”.

During the Community Soup everyone had a chance to listen to 4 arts organizations pitch for funding for a community arts project. Chosen by popular vote Kevin Chilvers, Education Director at Music Arts Project, said:

I felt over the moon, when I heard that our project was chosen. I tried to make it very clear in my pitch, what the benefits would be, if the project gets funded, for the partner organizations and local community. That’s probably why we won it”. Kevin Chilvers

Kevin’s pitch was about producing a soundscape recording of local Brandon histories working together with a local community theatre Shoestring and music professionals from Broom Hill. The recording would then be available to all participants and will be an added experience for a heritage trail that will take place on 17 and 18 September in Brandon. You may find the presentation here.

We are very grateful to all the experts who facilitated the sessions on the day, and all the participants, who worked so hard on a Saturday, and who gave us very positive feedback. Please have a look at the photos from the day and some testimonials below.

Met like-minded individuals some with similar skill sets and some with very different abilities & approaches. Met and chatted to experienced experts regarding funding opportunities and networking opportunities”

A day of focus without interruptions. Having access to such rich resources of info -people”

Hands-on workshop, very practical. Booklet provided is perfect, very useful”

Nicole Mollett. an artist working on More Than 100 Stories project for Creative People and Places, attended the Money Bootcamp and wrote a blog – have a read.

Bootcamp participants used the Workbook to map and draft their projects, getting them ready for the funding applications. Following numerous requests we decided to upload the resources for your information:

We hope that you enjoyed the Money Bootcamp. We are planning more professional development events and opportunities in the nearest future – watch this space. Right now you can apply for a Development Commission or attend a Prose to Print workshop on publishing.

If you live or work in Fenland and Forest Heath and want to get involved, please explore the opportunities we offer.

Please also get in touch with Kate Hall at, sign up to our newsletter, and follow our Facebook and Twitter for updates.