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Can You Manage Sound?

Adam Managing the PA system

Talking to the community and arts organizations in Fenland and Forest Heath showed a need to train more people in technical skills needed for events and projects – PA system management, lights, stage management, and much more. This August Music Arts Project CIC in Brandon got 10 of our their best volunteers, parents, tutors, students and their intern professionally trained by Ciaran Moriarty, manager of Audio East  to be able to use our P.A systems for live events.

During the weekend course they learnt how a PA works, how to run small and large systems for any type of event from one person with a microphone to solo artists with instruments to bands, learning how to mic up a drum kit, where to position amps and how to stop feedback in a live environment.

It is important for us to have a trained pool of volunteers to run the sound at events. All of our sound tech team had a little experience, but really had no idea how to run not just the PA systems we were using, but any PA. This will now eliminate the need for us to bring in sound engineers for small work as we can use our own talented crew who can also work with those young people who are interested in the future and impart the knowledge learnt through this course. We can also pass around our team to our partners/community for use at their events”, says Kevin Chilvers, MAP Director for Music Education and Community Engagement.

The trainees are now able to run the PA at events and provide the sound as a team, one or two out the front, one behind the desk, for example, as they did at Halloween “Ghostbuskers 2” on the Market Hill in Brandon.

They worked as a three man team on the 27th of November at the British Legion in Brandon, where they will be joined by two local boys, who are interested in sound engineering and they will be showing them the equipment and how to get the best from it during the event, offering on the spot training and experience. Next week Ashley will be helping a local school in Brandon with running the sound and lights.

Listen to a short interview with with Mike, Adam, Ashley, and Reuben.